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Health literacy is the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.

Engagement includes the actions a person takes to achieve a health/ behavioral goal based on an informed understanding. Health literacy skills are currently seen as a key factor that impacts people’s ability to engage in self-care and chronic-disease management.

Alliance has created a wallet card for our members to download, complete and carry with them when they visit their physicians. These cards have areas to write medications you might be taking and a reminder to ask several important questions during your visit.

A free to downloadable wellness wallet card from Alliance.

These cards were developed to allow a collaborative and meaningful discussion about the risks and benefits of the outcomes of prescribed medications. These cards also allow for prescribers to work with members and having them take ownership of one’s healthcare.

Aid cards available for depression, antipsychotic, ADHD and anxiety.

Stress can be a contributing factor to many illnesses. We created this video to provide you with eight easy ways to help fight stress.
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Hear from three of our staff members about their experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine, their thoughts on why some are hesitant, and why they ultimately chose to get vaccinated. #FindYourSpot #TakeYourShot #COVID #MentalHealth #PoweredByPeoplepartner and start a new initiative!

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Erica Asbury is a Member Engagement Specialist at Alliance Health. As a parent of a child who had developmental disabilities, she knows first hand how important the resources are, that Alliance Health offers.

This series of six trainings will give you basic tools needed to support the people we serve with the dignity and respect they deserve, to improve our communities by allowing them to experience all of their citizens’ different gifts, to have inclusive neighborhoods that embrace the value of every member.

Alliance Health is now pleased to offer both Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid virtually. This virtual learning experience includes two hours of self-paced learning followed by four hours of virtual live instruction. Register now to attend one of our upcoming classes.

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