Member and Recipient Services

Social Drivers of Health

Our Vision: The Future Alliance is Building

As Alliance looks to the future, we embrace the shift to whole person care. We envision communities where health equity has been achieved and community partners are a core component of the solution. We see equity driven solutions designed at the individual level, the program level and the systems level. In this future, addressing the Social Drivers of Health (SDOH) needs of all Alliance members is a high priority for our health plan, the processes to address these needs are uniform and easy to navigate for all our members and the solutions are creatively realized by our team. Our solutions will not be ‘one size fits all’, rather our plan will include targeted strategies to address the individual needs of unique populations.

Alliance views our SDOH investments as a significant part of our contribution to improving equity and health outcomes in the communities we serve. We will utilize our community engagement conversations and data tools to continually test the impact of our activities and report back to the community with those results. Local community groups will also be central to the implementation of this strategy, and respectful dialogue with them will be maintained throughout the process. In an evolving health care environment, Alliance is committed to innovation, investment, and meeting the needs of our members regarding SDOH. 

Alliance’s community engagement strategy will be expanded to incorporate the voices of the communities we serve in an equitable manner. Education and support for community voices will be an intrinsic part of our strategy. Our work will include, and equally value, the use of data and the voices of those with lived experience raised through our community engagement process.  Alliance’s community engagement strategy includes a strong commitment to capacity building for the Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in our communities that address social drivers, including housing, food, transportation, and interpersonal violence.

Our guiding vision for the future is to support person-driven systems, ensure equitable access to services and resources and create thriving communities where we all wish to live.  Alliance will collaborate with leaders, SDOH funders, practitioners and experts in our communities to leverage the needed resources for success. We will achieve the health outcomes that our health plan strives for when all persons receive and have access to quality services, and their SDOH related needs are met.

Our Guiding Principles:

  1. Alliance tracks and invests in addressing the Social Drivers of Health (SDOH) in the communities we serve to ensure that individual members and their communities achieve optimum health and well-being.
  2. Alliance commits to Centering Equity throughout our SDOH activities.
  3. Alliance will listen to the community and respond to community needs.
  4. Alliance utilizes a data-driven strategy to guide our SDOH efforts.
  5. Alliance will improve health outcomes at the individual and population level.

Read more details on our principles (link to full doc).