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Community Health and Well-Being

Partnering for healthier lives and empowering communities


We work through a system of care to build on the strengths of individuals, forge partnerships, improve access to services, and tell the story of the people and families we serve in a more complete way.

Changing Hearts and Minds

This series of six trainings will give you basic tools needed to support the people we serve with the dignity and respect they deserve, to improve our communities by allowing them to experience all of their citizens’ different gifts, to have inclusive neighborhoods that embrace the value of every member.


We continue to build on our history of developing high-value partnerships with community organizations, providers, individuals, and families. By forging stronger bonds across disciplines, acting with a collaborative spirit in all we do and working as one, we are able to make a more meaningful impact in our communities and people’s lives.

Reducing Stigma

The shame and isolation associated with stigma prevent thousands of people from seeking the help necessary to live healthy and full lives. We strive to replace myth with truth and foster broader understanding to create communities that welcome individuals into recovery and offer them as much freedom as possible to make their own choices and decisions about how they live their lives. 


Alliance believes that access to decent, safe, affordable housing and caring supportive services provides critical stability for individuals and families – it is foundational to recovery and improving quality of life. Working collaboratively with our public, private and nonprofit partners, Alliance is committed to a focus on effective, efficient solutions to increase quality, affordable housing capacity and options for people with behavioral health issues.

Impact on the Community

By providing the diverse communities we serve the tools they need to succeed – from education and training to the development of care guidelines, to wayfinding through the system – we enable people to lead healthier, more satisfying lives.

Innovative Approaches

Working together we continually push the frontier of change and play a vital role in shaping the future of healthcare delivery and management. We are proactive, never stop innovating, and always strive to be the standard-bearer for integrated, whole person care.

Our Community Presence

Working together in our hometowns to connect people to social and community supports that enhance recovery and well-being.

Our Impact

Redesigning systems of care to improve health outcomes and promote healthy communities.

to date spent on housing inventory for the people we serve.
cloth masks were distributed to children in our communities.
Over 650
virtual trainings and events held in 2021 on a variety of topics for members and their families.